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Pets need special care and treatments. From regular vaccination to immunisation against all viral and bacterial infections, there is a complete healthcare facility for them. Veterinary is a complete branch of science dealing with the medical needs of animals. Veterinary medicines provide complete prevention, management, diagnosis, and treatment of all diseases and injuries that can affect animals. While it is recommended to consult a veterinary doctor during any emergency or illness, you can get the prescribed medicines from Veterinary Medicine Retailers.

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frequently asked questions

Yes. Being a retailer, S. R. Homeo Pharma provides medication for all animals and pets. You can also
contact the retailer beforehand to check the availability.

It is recommended to carry doctors’ prescriptions along for buying any medicine for pets or animals.

You will have to check with S. R. Homeo Pharma if they have a home delivery facility or not.

Veterinary clinics and hospitals are responsible for vaccinating your pets. You can get the vaccine and syringe from the retailers.


S. R. Homeo Pharma is established as a veterinary medicine retailer in Nagpur. It is located in Mominpura Near Jama Masjid.

Some medicine retailers provide pet food. Hence, we suggest you get in touch with S. R. Homeo Pharma to check the availability of a product you need.

You can get anti-tick, anti-flea medicine, animal soap, antiseptic for infections, medicines for flu and other medical equipment at the retailers.

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